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Stop Creditors From Garnishing Wages – NH Bankruptcy Lawyers

Stop Creditors From Garnishing WagesThe thought of wage garnishment can be very distressing. The loss of control over the amount of money you are paid can impact every area of your life. When it comes to wage garnishment in New Hampshire, residents who are having financial difficulties may be relieved to know that it is difficult for creditors to garnish your wages. Debts such as child support, taxes, and student loans can be garnished without court order. However, creditors must get a court order to garnish your wages for other kinds of debts.

The process of gaining a court order to garnish your hard-earned money works more in the favor of debtors than creditors in New Hampshire. There are also limits for the percentage they are allowed to take from your wages.

Even though it may be difficult to garnish your wages, if a creditor wins a court order to start taking money directly from your pay, there are steps you can take to halt the garnishing as quickly as possible. One step is to have an attorney negotiate a repayment plan. We can work with you to devise an amount you may be able to handle. We may even be able to reduce the actual debt, giving you a quicker path towards financial control again. Bankruptcy is another option for those who may be on the verge of having their wages garnished. Once a bankruptcy filing is approved, all actions to collect debt from you must cease. This can give you the time and peace of mind you need to get back on track.

Don’t let the threat of wage garnishment scare you into inaction. You don’t have to just accept wage garnishment as the only means of getting back above water and getting your finances back under control. Attorney Kelley can help you avoid wage garnishment and help you get the fresh financial start you need. Don’t let your debt control you. Let us find a way to help control your debt.