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Stop Collection CallsEven when you owe money to creditors, you still have rights and deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. NH Debt collectors do not have free reign to harass or intimidate you, regardless of how much you may owe. Just because you have fallen on hard financial times does not mean you can be treated like a failure or bullied in any way. The financial difficulties you may be facing have caused enough stress and turbulence in your life. You shouldn’t have to be fearful or anxious every time the phone rings. With help from Attorney Kelley, you can get the protection you need and put a stop to the collection calls.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act of New Hampshire is designed to protect citizens from illegal and distressing collection practices. Residents should know it is illegal for a collector or creditor to use threatening or offensive language. They also can’t use deceptive practices, such as a false name and false reason for calling. You should also know that it is wrong for a creditor or collector to threaten jail time or wage garnishment, along with any other extreme punishments. If you have found yourself the victim of these types of behaviors, we can help put an end to the bullying and threats.

Our firm will work diligently to protect you from further harassment and action by creditors. One way we can help is to have the calls directed to our office. When you have legal representation, the creditors who practice these techniques know that you understand your rights. They will also know you are serious about dealing with your debt in a fair and legal way. When you need help that reaches beyond direct negotiation, Attorney Kelley can explain your bankruptcy options. This can be a very quick way to discharge credit card debt and other unsecured debts. Once you file, a court order will put an immediate stop to the phone calls and harassment from creditors.

When the calls and the threats have gotten to be too much and you are unsure how to put an end to it, contact Attorney Kelley to learn more about which options may be best for your situation. We will ensure the calls stop and help you get back on the road to financial recovery and the second chance you deserve.

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