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Is Bankruptcy Right For Me?

This may be the most difficult question you sit down and ask yourself. There is no absolute checklist that can definitively determine the answer for you. However, there are indicators that can help you decide if a NH bankruptcy is the best option at this time. When you find yourself weighing bankruptcy as a way to deal with overwhelming debt or financial hardship, you need to seek the help of a legal professional.

While no one ever plans to be in the position where bankruptcy may be necessary, it can and does happen to people from all walks of life. Hardworking New Hampshire residents who have never missed payments before or acted irresponsibly with their money have had to turn to bankruptcy in recent years. Even though it is typically a last resort, many people find themselves feeling like they have no other choice, especially after costly and unexpected life changes. Bankruptcy can be the most effective way to deal with debt and help you get the fresh start you need.

Bankruptcy might be the next step if you have already reduced your living expenses as much as possible. If you have sought lower payments and lower interest rates and still feel like you can’t get control of your debt, bankruptcy might be the best option. One way to decide it bankruptcy is your best solution is to add up all of your assets, such as bank accounts, pensions, cars, and real estate. Then, add up all of your debt. If your debt is more than the value of all of your assets, you may be fighting an uphill battle. There are benefits to filing bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can get you out of that fight.

When You Should Consider Filing for Bankruptcy

You may want to consider filing for bankruptcy if any of the following applies to you:

  • Your mortgage lender is threatening foreclosure;
  • Your home has already been foreclosed;
  • Your being threatened with eviction;
  • You have been evicted;
  • You are being threatened with repossession of your vehicle;
  • Your vehicle has been repossessed;
  • You are more than 30 days behind on your bills;
  • You are unable to pay medical bills not covered by health insurance;
  • You’re receiving telephone calls from bill collectors;
  • You’re being sued;
  • Your wages are being garnished;
  • Your bank account has been frozen;
  • You’re unemployed and cannot pay your bills;
  • You had been unemployed for a period of time and incurred a lot of debt;
  • Your debt balance remains high despite making timely payments;
  • You’re recently divorced and can’t make ends meet

There is no reason to carry around any shame, guilt, or embarrassment about your financial struggles. There is help and guidance so you can get the fresh start you need. The sooner you contact a bankruptcy attorney and go over the numbers, the sooner you can find relief. Attorney Kelley will give your case the time and dedication you need from a bankruptcy attorney so you can make an informed decision. Don’t wait any longer to find out how best to deal with your financial troubles and to get back on stable financial footing. For bankruptcy help in NH contact Chris Kelley for a free consultation.

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