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When a family or a business is faced with the prospect of filing bankruptcy in New Hampshire, the process may feel overwhelming and it may be difficult to separate fact from fiction. Your bills have piled up, and you are doing your best to pay them off, but it's just not working the way you hoped it would. In fact, you may even be getting deeper into debt as you use new credit to pay off other creditors. You are not alone. We understand the stress this is putting on you and your family, and we want you to know that we can help you reduce or eliminate this burden.

Financial Responsibilities

For far too long, the stigma of filing bankruptcy has led people to associate the word and the process with failure or financial irresponsibility. However, millions of Americans are finding themselves in the very same situation. Many families and businesses have found themselves in such a position due to the economy or other circumstances beyond their control. When creditors are calling you non-stop and you are losing sleep at night worrying about your bills, it may be time to learn about the options available to you. If you are unable to work out affordable payment plans with your creditors or if your debts have become overwhelming, filing bankruptcy may be the right choice for you. Not only will it give you instant relief from your debts, it will allow you the opportunity to start fresh and begin to rebuild your credit again.

How to Discharge your Debt

Under many circumstances, you may be completely discharged of your personal or business debts. Depending upon your situation, you may need to repay some or all of your debts through a repayment plan to allow you to keep your assets, including your home and automobile. Every bankruptcy case is unique and it is important to know what you can expect with your particular case. You can be assured that the Attorney Kelley will treat you with respect and provide you with sound advice and expertise throughout the entire process. Attorney Kelley is proud to have served the citizens and businesses of New Hampshire with their debt relief cases for more than 20 years. Federal bankruptcy laws have changed and they are now more complex. It is now even more important to have a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney working with you on your case. We know how to help you and will give you the personal attention your case needs to put you on the right track to becoming debt-free.

Benefits to Bankruptcy

One of the primary benefits to filing bankruptcy is that it puts an immediate halt to phone calls, letters and other collection activity from debt collectors such as repossessions or foreclosures. Once a bankruptcy is filed, all creditors are required to stop all proceedings pertaining to your debt collection. Bankruptcy can also be the first step to halting the negative impact on your credit score. If you have been in financial trouble for some time and unable to pay debts, your credit score has likely suffered. Once those debts are in the process of being wiped out through a bankruptcy filing, your credit score will stop plummeting. You can then start taking positive steps to rebuild and improve on your credit because you may finally be in a better place financially to pay off other debts.

During your initial consultation with attorney Kelley, you and he will analyze the unique aspects of your case and determine if a bankruptcy filing may the best first step to regaining your financial freedom. Contact bankruptcy attorney Kelley for a free consultation.

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