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Bankruptcy Checklist - New Hampshire

When you come in for your bankruptcy intake with NH bankruptcy Attorney Kelley, you will need to bring the following materials/information with you:

Download Bankruptcy Checklist PDF ICON

  1. A photo ID
  2. Your Social Security Card
  3. Your last three years of filed tax returns
  4. The last 6 months of payroll check stubs
  5. The last 6 months of payroll check stubs for your spouse, even if your spouse is not filing bankruptcy
  6. The last 6 months of bank statements for all bank accounts
  7. Any documents received concerning a pending foreclosure
  8. Any documents concerning a pending  eviction
  9. Any documents concerning a pending repossession
  10. Any documents concerning a pending lawsuit
  11. Any documents concerning a judgment on a previous lawsuit
  12. The name and address of the party and/or agency to whom you pay child support and/or alimony
  13. The face page of any life insurance policy that shows the benefits to be paid out (this is not needed if the policy is a benefit of employment)

For questions on what you need to bring, call 603-637-1453 to speak directly with a bankruptcy lawyer or e-mail us.